Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes by Favel Parrett

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Author: Favel Parrett

Category: Children's, Teachers Resources, Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Lothian Children's Books

ISBN: 978073442205

RRP: $19.99

In 2021 Favel Parret released a book called Wandi which has become somewhat of an Australian classic. It is based on the true story of a dingo pup that was snatched by an eagle and dropped into someone’s backyard.

With Kimmi, also based on a true story, we meet another dingo pup who is snuggling with her siblings against their mother. Their dad had been killed by a farmer. Now the farmer has returned and the family is in danger.

In a bid to save the dingo family some local people make a decision. No matter how hard this is, they separate the family, sending them to safety away from the dangerous farmer.

As the family are taken to different places, Kimmi’s mama is determined to find a way return to her to pass on her knowledge.

This may be a challenging read for some children. Kimmi’s brother is shot by the farmer early in the book and some readers may struggle with the harsh realities of life for our little cub and her family, as they are separated and the mother faces struggles to return to her cub. But we are in good hands with the author who tempers this a story of resilience and hope.

Whereas Wandi was an alpine dingo, Kimmi is a tropical dingo. In the back of the book Parrett includes information on Kimmi’s breed, where they live, like in the Kimberley, north Western Australia, what they like to eat, the sanctuaries they live in, and why these dingos need our help. She even includes ways in which we can become involved to help.

This is an important book. A very moving story that helps us understand the plight of these wonderful animals who are essential to the ecosystem, and one I also hope will inspire some young readers into action.

Reviewed by Jane Stephens
Age Guide 8+



You can visit Kimmi at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre in Melbourne. How great would that be!

The Sanctuary is a unique conservation establishment set on 40 acres in the picturesque foothills of the Macedon Ranges. It is situated only 35 minutes from the CBD to Melbourne’s north west, in the City of Melton, abutting the Pyrete State Forest, and only 30 minutes from Melbourne Airport.



Favel Parrett authorFavel Parrett’s career was launched in 2011 with her critically acclaimed debut Past the Shallows. A heart-breaking novel that was shortlisted in the prestigious Miles Franklin Literary Award and won the Dobbie Literary Award.

Favel herself won the ABIA Newcomer of the Year Award in 2012.

Favel’s first novel for younger readers, Wandi, was published in 2021 and has received critical acclaim. Kimmi, also for younger readers, was published in 2023.

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