The Observologist by Giselle Clarkson

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Author: Giselle Clarkson

Category: Children's, Sneak Peek, Sneak Peek (Kids), Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Gecko Press

ISBN: 9781776575190

RRP: $39.99

Are you, or do you know someone who likes to discover things about the world around them? Then this book is perfect for them.

Observology is the study of looking and it is exciting stuff. There are lots of moments you can use observology. When an adult bumps into someone they know and they start chatting. Waiting for your turn, or  at school during lunch while you’re waiting for your best friend to arrive. This is when your observology skills can kick in! This is when you can look and you will find the most amazing things.

‘Where is that caterpillar going? Follow it!
What’s under that brick? Pick it up!
Why is that leaf hole? Turn it over!
Why is the foot[path white here? Look up! (and close your mouth!)’

This is such a fun book. We learn all about observing, the things to do and the things to be careful of. We need our observology kit. A camera, a magnifying glass, a small mirror and a little light. We’re encouraged to draw what we see.

We learn all about invertebrates and what we might find in a pond. We learn why it’s important to be patient. We even learn how to get a fly that buzzing inside your house at night to go outside, how to relocate a spider safely and how to save a moth from drowning without making the situation worse.

I love this book. The illustrations and information are fun and so interesting packed with things to look for and learn. It’s a terrific way to open eyes and find the amazing and huge variety of life that exists in the smallest places. A world of wonder awaits.

You even have a certificate at the back of The Observologist that states that you have now completed the study of Observology and been awarded the the qualification. of Observologist and hearby granted the authority to perform observology here, there and everywhere!

A perfect antidote to boredom.

Reviewed by Jane Stephens
Age Guide 7+

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