Britannia’s Encyclopedia Infographica

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Author: Conrad Quilty-Harper Andrew Pettie

Category: Children's, Sneak Peek, Sneak Peek (Kids), Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Britannica Books

ISBN: 9781913750459

RRP: $59.99

There nothing like a big fat book full of lots of different information.

At the beginning of this book we learn what an infographic is. Thousands of facts and figures revealed in pictures in different ways. That’s great to learn about but that might be the boring bit. A couple of pages later we are immersed in wonderful information about space, our land sea and skies, animals, our bodies and our human world which includes the wonders of technology, arts, books, inventions and so forth.

We learn about the world of worms with an image of the longest worm in comparison to the height of a human. We discover which animal is the jumping champion of the world (they are tiny!) and compare their body size to the length of their jump. Through pictures we learn what lies beneath the outer layer of our skin and how fast trains have gone from 200 years ago until now.

Although pictures are the focus there’s still lots to read in this book, offered in small chunks. It’s a book that seems destined to be put down and picked up time and time again, each time discovering new things.

This is a terrific book those who are more visually receptive to learning and it is substantial at over 300 pages, making the price worth the investment. Britannica’s name is synonymous with information, so you can also be assured that what you get here is detailed and reliable.

This is wonderful fodder for young brain matter and will be sure to fire discussion during dinner. That’s if you can get those young eyes out of the pages of this book to come to the table.

Reviewed by Jane Stephens
Age Guide 10+

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