Mary Poppins Literary Comp 2023 – Poetry Winners Years 7-9

Article | Issue: Jan 2024

The Annual Mary Poppins Literary Competition for young writers and poets was established to commemorate the writer P L Travers (the creator of Mary Poppins) who was born in Maryborough, Qld.

Over the years enthusiastic young writers from across the region have showcased their creative talents via this competition.

Congratulations to the Years 7-9 winners of the Poetry category!


Poetry Winners Years 7-9
1st Place, Hudson Frahm


You turn a blind eye to what is clear,

Choosing instead uncertainty and fear.

We have spoken the truth, we have warned,

But still you refuse to be informed.


The dance of truth unfolds before you,

In every word and action that is true.

Yet you seek solace in the unknown,

In valleys where the seeds of doubt are sown.


We have shown you the path to light,

Yet you choose to stay in the dark of night.

Verily, we have told you so,

But still you resist and refuse to know


The truth may be uncomfortable to face,

Challenging beliefs that you embrace.

But to find refuge in ignorance’s shade,

Is to let your own growth slowly fade.


Open your eyes and see the truth,

Let it guide you in your search for truth.

For only through knowledge and understanding,

Can you find the refuge you are demanding.



2nd Place,  Georgia Mulligan


The animals no longer gather,

The fresh air no longer here,

The cool breeze in the wind gone,

The trees and forests disappear.

The early morning wake up,

To swim in the cool beach,

It is hard to comprehend,

How soon this will be out of reach.


The content birds in their nests,

Peacefully chirping away,

But soon their nests will be chopped down,

To benefit humans in some way.


When a stroll outside becomes no longer,

‘A breath of fresh air’,

The thick smog which covers the sky,

Around the world which isn’t fair.


‘Futuristic’ seems to describe

How amazing technology will become,

But when our animals and plants are dead,

Our ‘future’ world doesn’t seem fun.


3rd Place, Sophia Chambers


Time travel is whirring, churning and completely wild,

Instances with unknowable distances


Soaring across the universes’ extraordinary galaxies

Consuming the essence of parallel universes


Awaiting in the significant expanse of space

Life’s mysteries swing out and grab me,

Sucking me into domains of infinite emptiness


Mind illusions bend and contrive,

Shifting into tapestries predicting the future


The air is filled with scents of the past,

Carrying notes of unspoken lyres


I venture with grace,

Whilst riding this temporal tide


Drowned by inexpressible emotions,

Feelings beyond the grasp of eternity’s threshold


Observing points of view,

Admiring different perspectives,

Experiencing frames of life


Reams of memories are drawn on recall,

as I enter this realm of dreams once more


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