Poetry Winners – The Annual Mary Poppins Literary Competition for young writers and poets

The Annual Mary Poppins Literary Competition for young writers and poets was established to commemorate the writer P L Travers (the creator of Mary Poppins) who was born in Maryborough, Qld. 

Over the years enthusiastic young writers from across the region have showcased their creative talents via this competition. 

Congratulation to the winners of the poetry category!


1st Place, Henry Yrs 3-4


Everything is possible in my imagination,
Some of my creations are without explanation!
I don’t just climb my favourite tree
I am actually transported under the sea.
In an overpowered submarine.
Oh, what a great machine!
When I want to pick some citrus fruit,
I become a Jedi gathering some loot.
My little brother is a sidekick baby ninja,
But really he is quite the whinger.
Riding my bike is never a bore,
I can be chased by dragons in a raging war.
They will never catch me,
As I have the portals key.
Everything is possible in my imagination,
Concocting lots of marvellous creation

1st Place, Eva Yrs 5-6


As I sit outside my window, I look at the birds in the sky,
I fall back into my chair and ponder what it’s like to fly,
An escape from my office, a wish that won’t come true,
Though I wonder, what would happen if some wishes do?
Suddenly, I was flying through an endless stream of clouds,
‘How is this happening?’ I thought aloud.
I look down at myself to make sense of this all,
What I found shocked me so much, as I floated over mountains
that which seemed so small, I had the feathery wings of birds!
That were an array of brightly coloured feathers that shone
brighter than what I could put into words.
I soared higher and higher, but then my wings began to fall,
‘This is odd’ I thought, ‘this doesn’t make sense at all,
My body became heavier, and suddenly I wasn’t having fun,
The feathers on my wings began dissolving, one by one,
I knew deep down, nothing good comes without a catch,
As the ground came closer and closer, I realised that I wasn’t
going back to my office with, nothing, but a scratch.

2nd Place, Sophia Yrs 5-6


Time to go to bed
Get underneath the cover
Come on now sleepyhead
Said mother.
Suddenly’ I’m asleep
Then I’m wide awake
I feel really weak
I just want to escape.
Unexpectedly shot up to the moon
Surely I’ll be back soon
At the moment I’m screaming
I must be dreaming.
But before I know it, I’m back in bed.



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