Astronomy For Curious Kids by Giles Sparrow and Nik Neves

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Author: Giles Sparrow

Category: Children's, Sneak Peek, Sneak Peek (Kids), Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

ISBN: 9781486318384

RRP: $32.99

Do you often look up to the night sky and wonder what the names of the stars are, or if that bright pinpoint of a light be a planet instead?

This comprehensive book gives you all the answers you’re looking for laid out in a well laid out friendly way..

We learn tips for stargazing in the evening from telescopes, the constellations and star-hopping, where you follow imaginary lines between stars to find your way to other stars and interesting points in the sky.

Astronomy has changed over the centuries and we take a look back at ancient civilisations and the first astronomers. We learn all about our moon, the planets inner solar system, comets, stars and what powers them, and those mysterious black holes.

This is a terrific book for young budding astronomers. It covers a broad range of subjects with detailed information in smallest to read and understand chunks. It includes all the things we want to know and doesn’t shy away from some bigger questions we might have. What is space? What is dark matter? What will happen to the universe in the distant future?

Astronomy for Curious Kids is a great book for every school, municipal library and for those at home, tucked up in bed at night with a flashlight, or even better, binoculars.

Reviewed by Jane Stephens

Age Guide 8+



Giles Sparrow author

Giles Sparrow is a freelance author and editor, specialising in popular science, astronomy, and space technology. He studied astronomy at University College, London, and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He has gone on to have books about space published by many esteemed children’s publishers.



Nik Neves is a Brazilian graphic artist, illustrator, and comic author specializing in illustrated maps, sketchbooks, visual diaries, and music. Nik works with clients across the globe and regularly contributes to international publications including Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Arte Magazine. He lives and works in Berlin.

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