Footprint by Phil Cummins and Sally Soweol Han

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Author: Phil Cummings

Category: Children's, Sneak Peek, Sneak Peek (Kids), Teachers Resources

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: A & U Children

ISBN: 9781761180323

RRP: $24.99

Walk into morning, the open air.
Wake to the wonder you find there.

Trudge along the winding track
A precious load upon your back.

We explore the world as we move from path to jungle, from field of flowers to climbing rocky hills.

Gaze out over oceans, desert sands.
Mountains, valleys, foreign lands.

As we go on our journey, at each new place, we stop, we breathe, and take in the world around us.

We float in boats along the ice and walk into the shadowy wild. We care and love our surroundings, breathing them in and feeling the wonder. You nurture, you care. For the many, the rare.

Walk and wander near and far.
No footprint you leave will leave a scar.

This most beautiful book is just that, beautiful. It encourages us to open our eyes to the world around us. To stop, take the time to really see, and breathe. It is a story of discovery, wonderment and love for what we have. It has an environmental message that we need to care for places, and all those that make it their home.

Open your eyes and look at what is around you. Breathe in and feel its wonder. Plant the seeds and make your footprint small.

One of the many things I love about this book is that the environmental message is so gentle. It is not one of fear, but one of love and caring, protecting our world.

It’s so subtle, yet affecting, enveloped with warmth, kindness, and gentleness.


Reviewed by Jane Stephens

Age Guide 5+




Phil Cummings children's book authorPhil Cummings was born in the small seaside town of Port Broughton in South Australia. He is the youngest of eight children with four brothers and three sisters.

Life as a kid for Phil was a fabulous adventure. He was on a farm for the first eight or nine years of his life. When his family left the farm they moved to the mid north of South Australia to a railway town called Peterborough. His older brothers worked on the steam trains. The windows in his house would rattle constantly as the trains rumbled through the rail yards. When Phil left school he worked in a local garage, in the abattoirs and played sport constantly until he left to attend teachers’ college.

Phil’s interest in writing began with poetry and writing songs. With the beginning of teacher training, Phil was exposed to a great deal of children’s literature, particularly picture books. Phil decided to sit down and write one! He mistakenly believed it would not be difficult at all! His work was rejected time and time again but, having the writing bug, he kept on going. He soon learnt that writing for children was a lot harder than he ever imagined. Six or seven years after his first attempts, Phil had a book published.

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Sally Soweol Han, illustratorSally Soweol Han is a Korean-Australian artist residing on the picturesque island Geoje, South Korea, where she’s surrounded by lush mountains and the deep blue sea. It is the second-largest island in Korea and a beautiful place to be, much like her other home, Sydney, where she lived for two-thirds of her life.

Sally’s passion lies in portraying poetic and lyrical narratives, allowing her to construct a visual language and push the boundaries of her imagination. She breathes life into her creations through traditional techniques, with the majority of her work being hand-drawn and hand-painted. Sally is dedicated to  illustrating picture books, with the hope to bring warmth and joy to readers of all age groups.

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