Upcoming ‘We Were Liars’ TV Adaptation!

Article | May 2023

E LOCKHART’S YA thriller novel We Were Liars is set for a series adaptation with Amazon, Rachel Denham-White reports.


In 2014, E Lockhart released We Were Liars, a captivating thriller about a dysfunctional family. Now this book is being adapted for a streaming series.

We Were Liars is a young adult psychological horror novel and New York Times bestseller. The plot follows Cadence Sinclair, the oldest daughter of the wealthy Sinclair family, as they make their annual visit to their private island in Martha’s Vineyard. Every summer, Cadence meets up with her cousins, whom she calls her faithful band of Liars. But Cadence is often an unreliable narrator, struggling to remember her past life and piece together what exactly happened during her 15th summer on Beechwood Island.

Family of Liars, by E LockhartWe Were Liars is a gripping and engaging mystery, so it’s no wonder that it’s considered a must-read book on ‘booktok’. Lockhart followed it up with the prequel Family of Liars in 2022, which told the story of the previous generation of Sinclair women, and now, the first book is being adapted into a streaming series released by Prime Videos.

The series will be written by Lockhart herself, Carina Adly MacKenzie, and Julie Plec, whom you might know as a showrunner and screenwriter for the iconic Vampire Diaries series. It is too early to tell who will be cast as the four Liars: Cadence, Mirren, Johnny and Gat, but the showrunners are already excited for the chance to tell this story.

Plec and MacKenzie reported in an interview with Variety that ‘Everyone at Prime Video and UTV are just as passionate about this twisty tale as we are. We’re also incredibly grateful that the author has joined our creative team behind the scenes. As die-hard book fans ourselves, we have just one message to the many loyal readers out there: if anyone asks you how [the book] ends … just lie.’

So for anyone out there who hasn’t read We Were Liars, now might be the perfect time. Hurry, before you see any spoilers!

You can find out more about E Lockhart here

Author: E. Lockhart

Category: Children's, teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: A & U Children

ISBN: 9781760111069

RRP: $19.99

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