Three Wild Dogs and the Truth

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There’s a madman dog beside me, and the hounds of memory ahead of us. It’s love and beasts and wild mistakes, and regret, but never to change things

What happens when the Zusaks open their family home to three big, wild, pound-hardened dogs – Reuben, a wolf at your door with a hacksaw; Archer, blond, beautiful, deadly; and the rancorously smiling Frosty, who walks like a rolling thunderstorm? The answer can only be chaos: there are street fights, park fights, public shamings, property trashing, bodily injuries, stomach pumping, purest comedy, shocking tragedy, and carnage that needs to be seen to be believed … not to mention the odd police visit at some ungodly hour of the morning.

There is a reckoning of shortcomings and failure, a strengthening of will, but most important of all, an explosion of love – and the joy and recognition of family. From one of the world’s great storytellers comes a tender, motley and exquisitely written memoir about the human need for both connection and disorder; but it’s also a love letter to the animals who bring hilarity and beauty – but also the visceral truth of the natural world – straight to our doors and into our lives, and change us forever.

Published 10 September 2024

The Waiting

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LAPD Detective Renée Ballard tracks a terrifying serial rapist whose trail has gone cold, with the help of the newest volunteer to the Open-Unsolved Unit: Patrol Officer Maddie Bosch, Harry’s daughter.

All You Took From Me

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Set between the Blue Mountains and a Sydney hospital, Lisa Kenway’s All You Took from Me is a thriller brimming with great characters and nail-biting tension.

Anaesthetist Clare Carpenter has just lost her husband and her memory in a single-vehicle accident. So why is a stranger following her? After questioning patients about their dreams, she becomes convinced that an anaesthetic drug might help her access missing memories. But there’s no way to be certain without jeopardising her career or her life.

As unexplained threats escalate, Clare realises she must take matters into her own hands to learn the uncomfortable truth about her secretive husband, his connection to a mysterious club and what she did to trigger a stranger’s crusade for vengeance. But how far will she go?


‘Truly exciting. It’s a rare treat to read a book that I am still thinking about long after the last page – the surprising reveals are both earned and satisfying. Readers are destined to fall in love with the ways Kenway brings such expertise and a unique perspective to the psychological thriller genre.’ – Shelley Burr, author of Wake and Ripper

‘A taut psychological thriller with a driving plot, All You Took From Me interrogates the limits of memory, both lost and recovered. From its compelling opening mystery, every page bristles with threat and intrigue.’ – Ashley Kalagian Blunt, bestselling author of Dark Mode

‘Kenway brings an exciting level of insider authenticity to this simmering drama about an anaesthetist struggling to make sense of a life unspooling in the aftermath of a tragic accident. Tense, twisty and unique, this is an unforgettable debut.’ – Anna Downes, author of The Safe Place and Red River Road

‘I found myself first pulled in by the prose – Kenway writes like a dream – but soon I was consumed by the mystery at the heart of the story the question of where we go and what happens to us under the narcotic oblivion of anaesthesia. Charged with menace and paranoia, this is a masterfully plotted psychological thriller.’ – J.P. Pomare, author of In he Clearing and 17 Years Later

You Don’t Have to Have a Dream: Advice for the Incrementally Ambitious

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Charlie Mackesy meets Kurt Vonnegut, in the first non-fiction book from Tim Minchin: a beautifully idiosyncratic celebration of life, art, success, kindness, love and thriving in a meaningless universe, drawn from three iconic graduation speeches.

‘Life will sometimes seem long and tough. And you will sometimes be happy and sometimes sad. And then you’ll be old. And then you’ll be dead. There is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence, and that is: fill it.’

A book for the science-loving reality-romantic in all of us, You Don’t Have to Have a Dream offers Tim Minchin’s inimitable thoughts and advice on life, art, success, kindness, love, and thriving in a meaningless universe. Drawn from three of his iconic commencement addresses, and beautifully designed with specially commissioned illustrations throughout, it’s a rallying cry for creativity, critical thinking, and compassion in our daily lives.

It’s never too late to put something beautiful out into the world.

Simply Jamie: Celebrate the Joy of Food

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Simply Jamie is about celebrating the joy of cooking, and making it easy for us to fit cooking into our busy lives

In five knockout chapters covering Midweek Meals, Weekend Wins, Trusty Traybakes, Cupboard Love and Perfect Puds, Jamie has produced a cookbook that will fit seamlessly into your life.

Simply Jamie exists to inspire you to get cooking – it’s full of delicious, achievable recipes you’ll love to make. Whatever your needs, you can trust that these tried and tested recipes will slot right into the rhythms of your week – from 20-minute-to-table dishes and no-time-to-shop cupboard rescues to weekend wins that create smart leftover ideas, meaning mealtimes are a doddle in the days that follow.

Recipes include-

Jarred Pepper Pasta
Roasted Veg with Camembert Fondue
Batch-It-Up Bolognese
Gochujang Chicken Noodle Traybake
8 Cool Ways with Salmon
Smash Burger
Spicy Paneer & Veg Squash Bake
Tin Raid Fishcakes
Hot & Crispy Ice Cream Parcel
Epic Sticky Toffee Pudding

This is a book about inspiration and bringing joy back into the kitchen.

Released 24 September 2024