You Choose: Animals

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Author: Izzi Howell

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Wayland

ISBN: 9781526324238

RRP: $29.99


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Would you rather dance like a peacock spider or a honeybee? Behind each of these silly scenarios are some fun facts to help YOU CHOOSE an answer.Which would you rather do?

Full of fascinating facts, this book will keep kids entertained for hours! They can read on their own or have fun asking each other the questions. There are no right or wrong answers but plenty of ideas to think about.

Perfect for readers aged 9+, You Choose is an entertaining and humorous series that encourages children to develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills. Full of brainteasers and supported by educational information, readers can learn some bizarre and amazing facts about how people lived in ancient civilisations.

Read the others titles in the series: Ancient History, Dinosaurs, Machines, Planet Earth, Space.

Izzi Howell is an award-winning author and editor of over fifty children’s books. She lives in East Sussex and enjoys learning languages, cooking and travelling around Europe.

Her book Cats React to Science Facts was the winner of the Best Laugh Out Loud Book for 6-8 year-olds award at The Lollies and winner of The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize in 2020.

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