Wood Joints by Machine & Hand: By Machine and Hand

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Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: GMC Publications

ISBN: 9781784946302

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Wood Joints is an indispensable reference book and instructional guide to creating the most common joints in woodworking. Joinery is a fundamental element of woodworking, and mastering the basic joints is an essential part of becoming a skilled woodworker. But, not all wood joints are created equal, so knowing how and when to use them is just as important. This book provides an overview of how to create the most common joinery used in woodworking. Each joint is accompanied by detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrated with full-colour photographs. Methods are shown for creating joints using both hand tools and power tools, and alternative techniques are given where appropriate, allowing the reader to experiment and decide on their preferred process. There is information on the basic tools needed to construct each joint and how to choose the right joint for every job. Readers will also learn about factors that contribute to a strong wood joint, such as grain, to ensure they achieve success every time. Wood joints include: Butt Joint, Miter Joint, Dowel Joint, Mortise and Tenon Joint, Box Joint, Through Dovetail Joint. AUTHOR: Randall Maxey has been woodworking almost since he was old enough to lift a hammer. Born and raised in central Ohio, he owns a custom woodworking business, Cherry Ridge Woodworks. He is also the founder and owner of MiniMaxWorkshop.com which supports the idea that you can build great projects in small spaces. Randall served ten years as senior editor for a woodworking magazine and continues to write and edit articles for other woodworking publications and companies. 540 photographs

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