Wild Flowers

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Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: teNeues

ISBN: 9783961715497

RRP: $75.00


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In the Floramour series, large-format images, predominantly photographs, feature alongside illustrations and graphics, beautifully capturing the allure, elegance, and enchantment of each ornamental plant. Complementing these visuals are captivating and informative texts, providing a comprehensive exploration of your favourite flowers. Moving beyond mere practicality, these texts delve into the rich tapestry of cultural history, revealing their geographical origins, their profound impact on the realms of art, religion, and history, and the illustrious figures from the art and cultural sphere who have been captivated by their beauty. These flowers truly showcase remarkable character, embracing their unique identities and leaving a lasting impression. Text in English and German. AUTHOR: Anja Klaffenbach was more or less born with a love of nature: In the garden of her mother, a passionate flower enthusiast and amateur gardener, she discovered the great diversity of the local flora from an early age already. When she is not busy as a freelance copywriter and author writing books about travelling and botanical life, she can be found there, putting her green thumb to the test by exploring new and old-fashioned species of edible and ornamental plants. SELLING POINTS: . The next in the Floramour series, Wild Flowers explores various wild flowers that are of cultural significance in different societies and have different symbolic meanings . New concept in plant portraiture: a celebration of the distinctive qualities of each flower species, encompassing a wealth of knowledge and providing boundless inspiration . Eye-catching design, perfect for collectors and coffee tables . Ideal gift: Long-lasting alternative for flower lovers 150 colour illustrations

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