What Do You Need?

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Author: Lauren Wesley Wilson


Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401979126

RRP: $39.99


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An award-winning businesswoman uncovers the secrets and soft skills that women of colour need to know to reach executive leadership positions

Discover how to get ahead in business, reach executive leadership positions and take ownership over your career.

It’s often said that women of colour have to work twice as hard in their careers to get half as much. But it’s not just the actual work. It’s working twice as hard to connect with the people around them, because the reality of the worlds of big business and corporations is that people like to invest their energy in employees who remind them of themselves.

In What Do You Need?, Lauren Wesley Wilson explains how she learned to take control of her career, accomplish her enormous goals and carve out a space for herself – one where she clearly belongs.

Topics include-
tackling imposter syndrome
building a network
establishing your value
And much more.

Told through stories from her own career and those of her friends and connections, including Gayle King, as well as through tools, resources and practical strategies, Lauren uncovers the secrets of how women of colour can reach executive leadership positions.

Lauren Wesley Wilson is an award-winning businesswoman, marketer, media spokesperson, strategist and the founder and CEO of ColorComm. She is one of the USA’s most notable thought leaders on D&I, crisis communications and media relations. www.colorcommnetwork.com

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