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Author: Samir Puri

Category: Society & social sciences

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN: 9781399722643

RRP: $34.99


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– What if the sun truly is setting on the Western world’s outsized influence over the rest of the planet?

– The receding of Western power is speeding up, shaking the ground under our feet

– In Westlessness, Dr Puri vividly demonstrates how in demographic, economic, military and cultural terms, we are hurtling into a far more diverse global future

– Many of our certainties about the present, built on centuries of massive Western global impact, are increasingly fragile. Nothing is linear and nothing is predictable.

– Untold wealth is moving from the West to the East, as nations like India and Indonesia are set to reach new heights of growth and confidence.

-China continues its ascent to the peak of the economic mountain – but are cracks appearing?.

– BUT will the Western world, (under the aegis of US global military, economic, technological and cultural power) give up its privileged position willingly?

Are we ready, professionally and personally, to adapt to a much more diverse global future?

– Prepared or unprepared, Westlessness is essential reading for us all.

Dr Samir Puri was born in London to a family that had traversed three continents in three generations from Asia to Africa to Europe. After completing a PhD in International Relations at Cambridge, he worked for RAND in the USA, then served in the British Foreign Office for six years. His government work covered counterterrorism and a year living in east Ukraine to monitor Russia’s first invasion in 2014. After government service, he became a lecturer in War Studies at King’s College London, during which time he also served as an advisor to the Commonwealth Secretariat and to the Ministry of Defence’s think-tank DCDC. He is a Senior Fellow at IISS-Asia, based in Singapore, where he has worked on a diplomatic dialogue covering security in Asia. He is currently based between London and Singapore and is an Associate Fellow at Chatham House.

He is the author of Russia’s Road to War With Ukraine: Invasion Amidst the Ashes of Empires and The Great Imperial Hangover: How Empires Have Shaped the World.

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