Walking on the Beaches of Temporal Candy

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Category: Literature & literary studies

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: At Bay Press

ISBN: 9781988168401

RRP: $32.99


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Over the course of a lifetime, we all experience catch-of-breath moments that stir exquisite awareness of life’s transience. Such fleeting moments we share with poet Christian McPherson and his space-suited avatar negotiating bumpy terrain. In this collection the meandering, often self-deprecating poet considers and records moments of truth and insight common to us all as he registers his joys and regrets, and raises rants in postured outrage. A refreshing and often humorous honesty prevails. As the dedication promises, these poems are for those who go to a job every day but dream of something more. McPherson delivers. AUTHOR: Christian McPherson is a poet and novelist. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and their two kids. He has written a bunch of books including, The Cube People, Saving Her, and My Life in Pictures. If he isn’t out walking his dogs, driving his son to hockey practice or his daughter to cheerleading, he is usually sneaking off to the movies.

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