Unsolved Murders of the UK: Cold Cases from 1951 to Present Day

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Category: Biography & True Stories

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781399032551

RRP: $75.00


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Unsolved Murders of the UK: Cold cases from 1951 to Present Day delves into the mysterious and haunting cases of individuals who were brutally taken from this world, yet their killers were never brought to justice. From mysterious disappearances to seemingly motiveless killings, as well as other cases that continue to perplex law enforcement, this book takes a closer look at the victims, the crimes and the police investigations, as well as the theories surrounding each case. With a focus on the cold cases that have remained unsolved for decades, this book offers a comprehensive examination of the most intriguing and disturbing murders in the UK’s recent history. Join us as we explore the twisted minds of the killers and the relentless pursuit of justice for the victims and their families. This book will captivate true crime enthusiasts and armchair detectives alike. AUTHOR: Phil Drake is an author of both fiction and non-fiction and is the author of To Be A Saint, in which he details the ups and mostly downs of supporting Southampton Football Club. His first foray into writing was The Spooky South, which details the haunted locations of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Phil’s experience in writing has led to having two short horror stories published in anthologies by Corona Books. He is an avid fan of true crime and has spent many years reading books and watching documentaries on the subject. His fascination with unsolved murders and unexplained disappearances led him to write this book. When he isn’t writing, Phil enjoys watercolour painting, supporting his local sports teams, Southampton FC, and Hampshire Cricket Club. 80 b/w illustrations

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