Treason of Sparta

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Author: Christian Cameron

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Orion

ISBN: 9781409198222

RRP: $24.99


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Book 7 in The Long War series from the master of historical fiction, Christian Cameron

When the dust settled and the blood dried after the Battle of Plataea, Greeks might have thought that their freedom was secured. But before the corpse of the Great King’s general was cold, Athens and Sparta began to bicker over dividing up the spoils.

After an autumn of victory, it’s a long cold winter among the burned cities and destroyed shrines of Greece, and a hungry spring. And when Arimnestos goes to sea to cruise the Persian-held coasts, he finds that Persia is still not beaten… and that old alliances are now fraying.

Is the impossible true? Would the Spartans rather see Athens destroyed than Persia defeated? And who will save the cities of Ionia from the Great King’s wrath?

It’s the spring of 478BCE, and the Long War isn’t over yet.



‘The master of historical fiction’ SUNDAY TIMES

‘A storyteller at the height of his powers’ HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY

‘Superb’ THE TIMES

‘A sword-slash above the rest’ IRISH EXAMINER

‘One of the finest writers of historical fiction in the world’ BEN KANE

Christian Cameron is a writer and military historian. He participates in re-enacting and experimental archaeology, teaches armoured fighting and historical swordsmanship, and takes his vacations with his family visiting battlefields, castles and cathedrals. He lives in Toronto and is busy writing his next novel.

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