The Why Are You Here Cafe

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Author: John P. Strelecky

Category: Business & management , Economics , Finance

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Piatkus

ISBN: 9780349439853

RRP: $22.99


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The simple yet profoundly life changing story for anyone struggling to find their place in life. Gifted by millions to those they love.

In a small cafe at a location so remote it stands in the middle of the middle of nowhere, a visitor finds three unusual questions on the back of a menu.

Why are you here?

Do you fear death?

Are you fulfilled?

With this food for thought and the guidance of three people at the cafe, the visitor embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way discovering a new way to look at life, himself and just how much you can learn from a green sea turtle.

Following a life changing event when he was thirty-three years old, John was inspired to sit down and tell the story of The Cafe on the Edge of the World. Within a year after its release, word of mouth support from readers had spread the book across the globe, inspiring people on every continent. It has been translated into forty-two languages. All of which continues to humble and amaze him.

John’s books have sold more than 6 million copies and include Return to the Cafe on the Edge of the World, Reconnection: A Third Visit to the Cafe on the Edge of the World, Life Safari, The Big Five for Life, The Big Five for Life Continued, Ahas!: Moments of Inspired Thought, Ahas! Volume II: More Moments of Inspired Thought, Follow Where Your Heart Guides and What I’ve Learned: Reflections on Living a Fulfilled Life.

When he’s not writing, John is often out traveling. His family’s longest adventure was a year-long backpacking trip around the world.

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