The Solutions Focus, 3rd edition

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Author: Mark McKergow Paul Z. Jackson

Category: Business & management , Economics , Finance

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

ISBN: 9781399816526

RRP: $34.99


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Solutions Focus Practice is transforming coaching, consulting and leadership in organisations all over the world. A powerful yet simple approach to positive change, a solutions focus approach to people problems explores what works in a given situation and aims do more of it.

The Solutions Focus is the definitive guide to this revolutionary yet practical alternative to conventional wisdom. It demonstrates how the unique SIMPLE method of working sidesteps the search for the causes of trouble and heads directly for the solution. Today national solutions focus associations around the world from Sweden to Australia, base their training on the methods explained here.

Solutions focus is in widespread use by consultants, coaches, facilitators and managers. It can be applied at one-to-one, group or organisational levels. Applications include health and wellbeing, sales and negotiation, team building and leadership, performance management, organisational strategy and even peace-building and climate resilience.

This long-awaited new edition of The Solutions Focus is fully revised and updated for today’s executive, career and life coaches. Including the transformative OSKAR coaching framework, one of the most used throughout the coaching world.

Revisions to this acclaimed book include updates throughout to position it in the contemporary landscape. Next generation developments are fully covered including new research on embodiment and experience, the role of hosting rather than directing, and the importance of detail.

New case studies from around the world including Nestle, Kraft, Tate and Canon continue the book’s legacy of learning from real cases by looking closely at what happens and how it works. Finally, new material exploring improvisation and co-constructed stories completes the update and will ensure this book remains the leader in its field for generations to come.

Paul Z. Jackson (Author)

Paul Z. Jackson is an independent training consultant, facilitator and coach, with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors including P&G, Google, Lush and Crossrail. He uses his experience in journalism and as a comedy producer for the BBC to help leaders and businesses improve training, workshops and events.

Mark McKergow (Author)

Mark McKergow PhD, MBA, is an international consultant, speaker and author who develops solutions focussed routes for organisational and personal development. Founder of The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work he has pioneered the use of solutions-focused methods in organisational and business contexts and is the only British-based person to have been elected to membership to Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council.Mark also jointly runs the Host Leadership community focussed on improving engagement in organisations. His TEDx Talk on the subject has been viewed thousands of times.

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