The Republic: The Essential Philosophical Dialogue (Concise Edition)

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Author: PLATO

Category: Humanities

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing

ISBN: 9781804177938

RRP: $26.99


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Plato’s dialogues still form the basis of ethical government and justice today. Now read The Republic in a digestible, pocket format for the modern reader. With a new introduction placing Plato’s great work at the heart of ancient concepts of human organization and justice, this new edition of The Republic is both accessible and essential. Much of traditional Western thought began in Antiquity, flowing from Platonic dialogues, The Republic being the most significant. Plato expresses the political, ethical and societal framework for the nature of the ideal state and defines the the notion of justice. This new, concise version is carefully edited for the modern audience. AUTHOR: Among the founders of western thought, Plato (c. 428 348 BCE) came from Athens, where he established the original Academy. His most celebrated student was Aristotle. So central were intellectual exchange and questioning for Plato that he wrote his works as dialogues, one voice being that of his own true-life tutor Socrates.

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