The Rejects

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Author: Jamie Collinson

Category: The arts

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Constable

ISBN: 9781408721124

RRP: $34.99


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Imagine you’ve made it. You and your friends have hit the big time in music and you’re going to be a star. But then, quite suddenly, it’s over. Your best friends don’t want you anymore, and you’re on the outside. Perhaps they’re tired of your bad habits, they think you’re not good enough, or they sense you just don’t want it as much as they do. Whatever the cause, you’re a reject. So, what do you do next?

Featuring a player rejected by both Nirvana and Soundgarden who became a decorated special forces soldier, Britpoppers who spiralled into addiction before becoming novelists and missionaries, the terrifying story of Guns N’ Roses’ first drummer, super-rejecting band leaders, self-destroying rappers, troubled hard rock bassists and girl-band burnouts, The Rejects takes an intimate, thoughtful look at people who’ve been kicked out of bands, what they experienced and what came afterwards.

Coming from a writer with twenty years’ music industry experience, The Rejects is a sympathetic study of some of music’s most fascinating characters, and what happens when the dream comes crashing to an end. The result is a compelling alternative history of popular music.

Jamie Collinson has worked in the music business for over twenty years, primarily for two iconic independent record labels; Ninja Tune and Domino. Having worked with Arctic Monkeys, My Bloody Valentine, Franz Ferdinand, Wiley, Wet Leg and Roots Manuva, he’s lived in London and Los Angeles, where he founded Ninja Tune’s US HQ. He’s been backstage at some of the world’s most famous venues and festivals in the company of the artists he’s worked with, navigated colourful characters, A & R’d albums and directed marketing campaigns to sell them. Along the way, he’s seen success and failure, heartbreak, joy, addiction, violence, terrifying egoism and stunning generosity.

Throughout it all he’s done a lot of writing, including journalism for the Guardian, Spectator, Evening Standard and many music magazines. He published a novel, The Edge, with Oneworld Publications in 2020.

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