The Promise

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Author: Mandy Morris


Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401978426

RRP: $32.99


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Join manifestation coach Mandy Morris on an enlightening, soulful adventure where she will teach how to tap into the light and embrace your inner power.

Most of us don’t know how to connect the trials and tribulations of our daily lives to a more beautiful, benevolent story that recognizes our true nature and potential as infinite beings. This holistic, bird’s-eye perspective is what Mandy Morris calls the “divine story,” and teaching you how to access it to your advantage is at the heart of this book.

Mandy shares the seven universal principles for reconnecting to your divine story. These principles will help you bounce back from adversity-not so you can stop being the precious and beautiful human you are, with your specific hard-earned wisdom and gifts, but so you can expand your current view.


Every time you feel confused, heartbroken, or stressed, or if you find yourself saying things like, “I’ll never be enough,” and “I’ll never get to experience fill in the blank with your highest aspiration for your soul “-let this book be a reminder that you’re alone. Let it be the roadmap that leads you back to the extraordinary truth of who you are- a divine being having a human experience.

Mandy Morris is the founder of Authentic Living, an educational organization that has more than 800,000 students in over 60 countries, with both online and in-person courses designed to help individuals rewire their mind, heart, and energy for total abundance in all aspects of life.

Mandy’s science- and love-based methods for creating instant and lasting change have been studied, taught, and used all over the world by therapists and coaches. Currently, her certified coaches practice globally. Mandy worked in Scandinavia and the U.S. to study how an individual’s brain patterns changed through her communicative therapy methodology, which focuses on getting to the root of a flawed belief to eliminate the symptomatic issues. Mandy works with childhood programming, sabotaging beliefs, trigger management, abusive relationships, trauma, the science of manifesting, and the law of attraction.

Mandy currently lives in Colorado with her husband, two sons, horses, dogs, and chickens near the Authentic Living Heartland, a sacred retreat center owned by Mandy for souls that come to learn, grow, and heal.

To learn more about Mandy, visit

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