The Money Ladder

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Author: Franklin Asante

Category: Literature & literary studies

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Headline Home

ISBN: 9781035417056

RRP: $36.99


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Everything you need to know about finance from your own personal banker @urbanfinancier

We are born with many human instincts, but managing money is not one of them. The way you interact with money has a lot to do with your upbringing and the social influences around you. Some people start the journey of understanding money earlier than others, but it’s never too late for you to learn the rules. This book will explain the basics and help you to make informed financial choices.

Franklin Asante understands money. As a private banker, he has helped many clients to manage their finances in various different ways. Now, in The Money Ladder, he shares his experience and knowledge through a 3-step plan to help you to first of all understand money and then to grow it for the future. The three steps are: wealth generation, accumulation and preservation.

Through explaining the basics of money he gives you the tools you need in order to make informed choices about what to do with your money for the best return on your investments. Starting with a clear jargon-buster, which explains words and phrases we’ve all heard before – like ‘interest rate’, ‘capital gains tax’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ – he also offers advice on saving, investing and borrowing, along with tips on how to prepare your cashflow, fill in a balance sheet and understand what assets are available to you.

If you start on the bottom rung and learn the basics of money, you will find it much easier to climb the ladder to future financial freedom.

Franklin Asante is a Private Banker who has worked with high-net-worth individuals since 2008. He now heads up the Entrepreneurs division of a UK Private Bank, where he’s an advisor to business owners across several sectors including Tech, Property and Recruitment.

Franklin is the Vice-Chair of Governors at a London college and a Trustee for two charities that provide personal development and mental health support to local communities.

Franklin also teaches financial literacy to his social media following under the name of @urbanfinancier, where he delivers useful and practical information about managing personal finance.

In 2019 Franklin was awarded ‘Mentor of the Year’ at the UK Social Mobility Awards, for working with students across London. In 2023, he became an alumni of the Commonwealth Study Conference, a global leadership network established by Prince Philip, the former Duke of Edinburgh.

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