The Lightborn

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Author: Rebecca Zahabi

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Gollancz

ISBN: 9781473234475

RRP: $55.00


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Freed from his prison cell, the former slave known as Tatters is finally ready to face his past. Now his true nature is known to all, he can use his Lightborn powers freely. But they come at a price, and his loyalties remain conflicted. The renegades about to attack the city used to be his companions, and both sides have treated him badly. He will have to decide which side to choose.

Isha had thought Tatters was dead, and is overjoyed to see him return. But her master, one of the most powerful mages, has a past with them both, one which might make their reunion impossible. The mages remain divided, and in order to survive they will need to come together, and put aside past arguments. They too have a choice.

And outside the city, the renegades continue to advance. Destruction of the mages is their only goal, and nobody knows if they can be stopped…

Rebecca Zahabi is a mixed-heritage writer (a third British, a third French and a third Iranian, if the mix is of interest to you). She started writing in her home village in France at age 12 – a massive epic which set out to revolutionise feminism. Since then, she has slightly re-jigged her expectations of what she can achieve with a keyboard and a blank page. After honing her craft in a variety of genres – playwriting, short stories, interactive novels – she hopes to write books that can make a difference. Her first YA book was shortlisted for the Northern Writers’ Award in 2019. Her adult debut, The Collarbound, was longlisted for The Future Bookshelf program at Hachette UK before being acquired by Gollancz.

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