The Happy Nomad

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Author: Charlotte Bradman

Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Yellow Kite

ISBN: 9781399720557

RRP: $45.00


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How much do you need to be happy?

You’ll be pregnant and drinking cider outside Tesco by the age of 16.’ By age 17, Charlotte Bradman was pregnant. By 30, with a dysfunctional relationship falling apart, her house was repossessed.

Shedding her possessions and stripping back life to the basics, Charlotte used the last of her savings to buy a campervan… a creaky, old van with no loo or onboard water. It was the best thing she ever did.

Come along on this moving ride as Charlotte finds true stability and security, learning that all she needs is a recharging van battery, a dry bed, and an unspoilt sea view.

Self-confessional, observational and darkly humorous, this is an engrossing and inspirational story of resilience and fortitude. If you’re dreaming of a simpler life, you need to read The Happy Nomad.

Charlotte Bradman is an avid wild swimmer, a mountain rambler, a coastal hiker and a passionate advocate of living alternatively. She has lived in tents, sheds, caravans and campervans for the majority of her life. She is a survivor of domestic abuse, which led her to become a qualified mindfulness therapist. Born in West Yorkshire, her childhood was spent swimming in the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales, drinking cheap cider on street corners and writing passable poetry before taking to the stage as a singer and lyricist in various bands. Charlotte currently lives in a van in Falmouth where she celebrates the notion of living a life uncluttered by obligation and non-essential possessions.

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