The Glow

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Author: Jessie Gaynor

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Tinder Press

ISBN: 9781035404209

RRP: $24.99


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Inner peace

Glowing skin

The perfect body

How far would you go?

Jane Dorner has two modes:

PR Jane is twenty-five, breezy, clever in a non-threatening way and eager to sell you a feminist vibrator.

Actual Jane is twenty-nine, drifting through mediocre workdays and lackluster dates while paralysed by her crushing mountain of overdue bills.

Enter the impossibly gorgeous Cass, whom Jane discovers scrolling through Instagram – proprietor of a ‘wellness retreat’ based out of a ramshackle country house that may or may not be giving off cult vibes. Suddenly Jane realizes she might have found the one ladder she can climb.

But inner peace, shiny hair and glowing skin always comes at a price . . .


‘Jane Austen on steroids. It’s that sharp, that wicked, that laceratingly true’ Michael Cunningham, author of The Hours

‘Money, influence, and perfect skin do not always make for good chemistry’ Elle

‘A welcome dose of satire for anyone who’s been duped by yoni eggs, vagina scented candles, or TikTok tarot readers’ i-D

Jessie Gaynor’s wildly funny, laser-eyed novel is Jane Austen on steroids. It’s that sharp, that wicked, that laceratingly true

Funny and satirical, Gaynor totally nails self-care as a personality type – Grazia

The first truly dead-on satire of wellness culture. With terrifying wit, Jessie Gaynor shreds the overrated virtues of prosperity and healthy moisture barriers, and extols the underrated virtues of irony and sanity

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