The Darkness Has Not Overcome

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Author: Cliff Sims

Category: Humanities

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Worthy Books

ISBN: 9781546006596

RRP: $49.99


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American life today is consumed by politics. Even our churches are tearing themselves apart over political candidates, cultural flashpoints, and debates about whether certain pastors are vessels for the Holy Spirit or an unholy political agenda.

So how should Christians approach our lives in this time of strife and division? How should we engage in politics and respond when we find that our beliefs are at odds with the culture? And how do we keep our focus on eternity when the present attractions of the world are there in front of us at every turn?

Cliff Sims, the son of a Baptist minister and man of deep Christian faith, has walked the halls of power, serving as a Special Assistant to President Trump and Deputy Director of National Intelligence. While working at the highest levels of the American government, he experienced first-hand the cutthroat world of power politics, an environment that can test the character of any follower of Jesus, and he wrestled continually with how to live out his faith.

In this book, Cliff shares hard-earned wisdom from his time serving in government, giving Christians lessons on how to live faithfully and with integrity. Recounting stories from the West Wing, Air Force One, and top secret bunkers, Sims offers practical advice and biblical insight on how to let the light of Christ shine in our dark world, regardless of our politics.

The Darkness Will Not Overcome is a must-read for every Christian who has found themselves exasperated by politics, fearful about the future, or discouraged by the times in which we live.

Cliff Sims is one of the most sought after political, communications, and policy advisors in the United States, counting major political figures, media personalities, and corporate executives among his clients. After joining the Trump campaign in 2016, he was appointed Special Assistant to the President, working closely with President Trump through some of his administration’s most impactful successes. His memoir recounting the early days of the Trump White House, titled Team of Vipers, became an instant New York Times bestseller. He then went on to serve again in the Trump Administration as Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Strategy and Communications, helping to oversee the 18 agencies of the U.S. intelligence community. Outside of politics and government, he has founded and served as CEO of multiple private companies. He lives with his wife and son in Birmingham, Alabama.

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