Strong Like You

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Author: T. L. SIMPSON

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Flux

ISBN: 9781635830941

RRP: $24.99


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An impoverished fifteen-year-old linebacker grapples with ideas about strength and masculinity after the dope-dealing father he idolized goes missing. I haven’t cried one time since you disappeared. Not even at football practice when Paton Roper told the whole team you were probably dead. He said, You know how sometimes a dog gets sick or bites somebody and you have to put it down? Somebody said, Yep. That’s probably what happened to Walker’s daddy. Walker Lauderdale hasn’t cried once since his daddy went missing. And even though everyone says he’s dead, Walker won’t give up hope. He knows his father is out there, somewhere, cutting a wild trail through the Ozarks like always. But when a relative threatens to kick Walker and his momma out of the family home, Walker realizes he has no choice but to look for his daddy-a search that leads him straight to a drug-addled and dangerous man named Lukas Fisher. While attempting to balance life as a normal fifteen-year-old boy and star player on the football team, Walker begins a desperate search across the hills of the Ozarks for the man who, for better or worse, taught him everything he knows about strength. AGES: 12 to 18 AUTHOR: T. L. Simpson is an award-winning journalist and editor of the Courier, a newspaper in his hometown of Russellville, Arkansas. Simpson spent nearly ten years covering high school and collegiate sports before taking over as editor. During that time, he was also the paper’s primary crime reporter. In a lot of ways, Strong Like You is the result of his experiences with covering both.

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