Soul: A Modern Guide to Evolving in a Conscious Universe

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Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Red Feather

ISBN: 9780764367670

RRP: $44.99


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The primeval intelligence of the human soul and the ecosystem within which it operates have long remained secret, their deeper mysteries overlooked, obfuscated, or simply misunderstood. In Soul: A Modern Guide to Evolving in a Conscious Universe, Lara van Zuydam clarifies and democratizes key esoteric information by unpacking the concept of the human soul at a granular level and explaining how it interacts with the other spiritual layers that make up a human being. . The book comprehensively and concretely introduces the soul, from describing what it is to why it is currently housed in a human body, and explains the purpose of incarnation in a challenging world . It explains the distinction between the soul and the notion of “spirit,” our connection to antiquity, and our deeper connection to the Source . It discusses how the modern fixation on angels and other benevolent beings has cultivated a skewed perception, and that penetrating the mysteries without invoking the necessary protections isn’t always safe . The author draws on her own experiences, the philosophical landscape articulated by the ancients, and also explores some of the more abstruse concepts discussed by influential mystic Alice A. Bailey This powerful work explores, simplifies, and clarifies the fascinating concept of the soul and why it is important to develop self-awareness. Touching on deep topics such as death, reincarnation, and the nature of evil, it reaches beyond the light to explain how we can optimize our humanity on the journey toward self-actualization. AUTHOR: Lara is an astrologer, mystic, yoga teacher, and financial services lawyer based in London in the United Kingdom. She specializes in esoteric, medical, and horary astrology and regularly speaks at Tarot and astrology conferences and events. Lara has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a post-graduate Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Natal, South Africa.

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