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Author: Juli Min

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Dialogue Books

ISBN: 9780349704074

RRP: $49.99


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“I think love is when you think you need someone

for your survival. Survival, defined broadly.”

“The way you think, sometimes . . .”

“The way I think, what?”

“It . . . surprises me. Yoko, we need each other. Family – family

is all we have.”

‘Smart, tender, and lyrical-SHANGHAILANDERS is a moving debut novel, and one that never stops surprising the reader . . . This is the kind of book I wish I’d read when I first was learning to write.’ Jiaming Tang, author of CINEMA LOVE

While the years rewind from 2040 back to 2014, Shanghailanders brings readers into the shared and separate lives of the Yang family, parent by parent, daughter by daughter, and through the eyes of the people in their orbit-a nanny from the provinces, a private driver with a penchant for danger, and a grandmother whose memories of the past echo the present. As they build their lives in this old, futuristic city, we see Leo, his wife Eko and their daughters Yumi, Yoko and Kiko trip over their own desires in their bids to connect with one another, in their attempts to be a family.

Though the world shifts and brings change for each of the Yangs, universal constants remain: love is complex and family will always be stubbornly connected by blood, secrets, and longing.

Dazzlingly constructed and achingly resonant, Shanghailanders is an unforgettable exploration of everything that follows ‘happily ever after’-and the ways a family makes and remakes itself across the years.

‘A wonderful and wildly smart and compelling book. If Shanghai is the future, this terrific novel knows it all.’ Joan Silber, author of CHOCOLAT

Tender, atmospheric, and wholly captivating . . . Min has established herself as a sharp chronicler of contemporary China-and of the ever-complicated matters of the heart.

Shanghailanders is a wonderful, wildly smart and compelling book. If Shanghai is the future, this terrific novel knows it all. We follow a glorious cluster of characters as they trip over their own longings, in this fiction of real astuteness.

Bracing, thrilling, and breathtakingly smart . . . Shanghailanders offers a new way of seeing. Not just of Shanghai, but France, Japan, America, and every last corner of its characters’ minds . . . Absolutely extraordinary.

Lyrical and haunting, Shanghailanders explores the enduring mysteries of family . . . Min movingly portrays the Yangs and their many seasons of love and loss in a metropolis that perpetually rises, falls, and emerges from the ashes. An extraordinary debut.


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