Rumie Goes Rafting

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Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Owlkids Books

ISBN: 9781771476355

RRP: $34.99


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An ambitious yet impatient little critter seeks adventure outside their cozy forest home. Adventurous little Rumie longs to sail down the stream and find out where it leads, but the water is too low for Uncle Hawthorne’s boat. Suddenly, a ladybird floating on a leaf gives Rumie an idea-they should build a raft! With Uncle’s help, the raft is built and plans are made to take it out the following day. When Rumie wakes up early the next morning, Uncle is still asleep. Impatient, Rumie decides to test out the raft on their own, but rain from the night before has made the current too strong, and they’re nearly swept over a waterfall! Luckily, just as the raft capsizes, Uncle comes to their rescue. Rumie admits that they should have waited for Uncle instead of going out alone, and the pair spend the afternoon on the lake instead. Photographs of cuddly plush critters on a real-life forest backdrop bring Rumie’s woodland adventure to life. This visually stunning debut by author and illustrator Meghan Marentette is a nod to the boundless resourcefulness and creativity of children, and a gentle lesson in practicing patience. AGES: 3 to 7 AUTHOR: Meghan Marentette lives near a wild wood in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she spends her time writing, crafting, and lying on the forest floor, imagining the world from a tiny point of view. This is her debut picture book. SELLING POINTS: . Debut picture book for Nova Scotia author and illustrator Meghan Marentette . Illustrated with intricate photographed miniatures in a lush, woodsy setting . Shares subtle lessons on self-regulation and creative problem solving . Celebrates a child’s spirit of adventure, ingenuity, and curiosity . Watch for a sequel following Rumie’s adventures, coming soon

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