Real-life Mythical Creatures and Their Stories of Survival

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Author: Anita Ganeri

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Wayland

ISBN: 9781526326942

RRP: $32.99


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Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of ten real-life mythical creatures, exploring the legends that surround them, their discoveries and seeing how they survive today.

From blood-sucking vampires and fiery phoenixes, to howling werewolves and shaggy-haired yetis, mysterious, and often mischievous, creatures appear in myths and legends from around the world. For centuries, they have puzzled, fascinated and frightened people, sometimes being used to teach a lesson or to warn of danger. But have these beasts ever really existed, and, most importantly, are any of them around today?

This book brings together ten real-life mythical creatures, with fascinating facts and folklore. There are tales of how they were discovered, where they live, and about their adaptations for surviving in the wild.

It’s time to set off on the mythical monster hunt of a lifetime.


This high-interest approach to the natural world shows the diversity of nature, evolution and adaptation and can be used to support the science curriculum study of living things at key stage two.

Full-colour photographs combined with illustrations make this a beautiful and fascinating introduction to real-life mythical creatures around the world.

Anita Ganeri (Author)

Anita Ganeri is an award-winning author of children’s information books. She has been a writer for 20 years, after working in-house for Usborne Publishing and Walker Books. She specialises in the natural world, religion and mythology but is always looking for new challenges. Among her many titles are the best-selling ‘Horrible Geography’ series for Scholastic Children’s Books which won the Blue Peter Book Award for the Best Book with Facts in 2009 and the Tivy Education Medal from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for an outstanding contribution to geographical education. Anita lives in northern England with her husband, children, dogs and cat. She enjoys reading, walking the Moors, playing tennis and dreaming of winning Wimbledon.

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