New Happy

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Author: Stephanie Harrison

Category: Society & social sciences

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Orion Spring

ISBN: 9781398722125

RRP: $39.99


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We all want to be happy. This goal drives everything that we do. Why, then, are so many of us so unhappy? It’s not your fault. You have been told a lie: that achieving your own success will make you happy. This is “old happy,” society’s incorrect definition of happiness.

The truth is that happiness comes from helping other people to live happier lives. Accompanied by revelatory artwork that explains key concepts, New Happy takes you through the process of unwinding Old Happy, uncovering your own gifts, and using them to both improve your life and the world at the same time. If you have ever asked yourself, “Who am I really?” “When will I be happy?” or “What am I supposed to do with my life?” this book is for you.

Through an inspiring blend of art and science, New Happy will forever change the way that you see yourself and the world. Whether you’re wondering what career you should choose, navigating a life transition, going through a difficult time, teaching your kids what matters most, or simply hoping to experience more joy every day, New Happy offers the proven path to a happier life and a better world.

Stephanie Harrison is the founder of The New Happy. She is an expert in happiness and the creator of the New Happy philosophy, a groundbreaking new approach to individual and collective happiness.

Stephanie has written and published over 300 original articles on happiness and is a regular contributor for Harvard Business Review and CNBC. Her expertise has been widely cited in many other publications including Forbes, Tatler, Well+Good, Verywell and The Huffington Post.

Stephanie is a regular keynote speaker for Fortune 100 companies, with clients including Microsoft, LinkedIn, CapitalOne, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

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