New Directions in Tarot: Decoding the Tarot Illustrations of Pamela Colman Smith

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Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Red Feather

ISBN: 9780764366307

RRP: $44.99


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A look at how Pamela Colman Smith’s theatrical knowledge and experience came into play when she drew the iconic cards of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The secrets in this book have been known all along, and they work in all who read Tarot on a subconscious level. This insightful book delves deeply into the images Pamela Colman Smith created for the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, and reminds us of what we may have known intuitively but had not been aware of on a conscious level. . A brand-new approach that focuses on how, in her images, Smith utilized a sense of direction, body movement, posture, gait, facial expression, and more . Compares the Tarot Minors to technical elements of theater, including plot, conflict, elements of a play, thought/theme, dialogue, music, and actors’ positions on stage . Provides powerful tools for interpreting the cards and discovering new meanings that the reader can make their own . Includes thought-provoking exercises that guide the reader in the mastery of these new insights The result is a fresh take on Tarot that brings new meanings to light and enables the reader to evaluate what the Tarot provides like never before. AUTHOR: Scott Martin began pursuing his fascination with Tarot after retiring from teaching theater arts on the high school and college levels over a period of 48 years. He is the author of an award-winning book on Tarot and has facilitated a number of Tarot workshops in various venues in and around the New York City area. 222 colour images

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