Muhammad Ali: The Man Who Changed Boxing

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Category: Biography & True Stories

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: White Owl

ISBN: 9781399047265

RRP: $59.99


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A number of fighters in boxing history have been considered great over the years. However, it must be said that in some cases their respected claims to greatness do not stand up when closely scrutinised. The same cannot be said of Muhammad Ali. Now this man was a true great, no argument. Ali would often state when in his pomp that he was the greatest of all time. Many experts even today agree with that statement. Ali changed the way the general public viewed the sport. He in fact changed boxing, shook it up in a way that it had never been shaken before. Ali was different, he was special, he talked a good fight, making bold statements prior to his fights which he backed up with his outstanding talent. The man was a master in the ring a craftsman who often overcame the odds when in combat. Ali fought the very best fighters available he dodged no man, a true champion in every sense of the word, he gave every contender their chance. Ali became the first boxer to win the world heavyweight crown on three different occasions. Whenever heavyweight boxing is discussed, the name Muhammad Ali is mentioned how can it not be when considering his magnificent record? This book covers the many achievements of the fighter and those associated with him during his long career in an interesting way which fight fans will find informative. AUTHOR: Muhammad Ali: The Man Who Changed Boxing is Ralph Oates’ thirteenth book about boxing. Ralph, a former amateur boxer, has also written articles for the British Boxing Board of Control Yearbook, a publication which was the leading book of its kind. He has contributed to various magazines over the years. At present Ralph writes a boxing column for the Cardiff Times. He is also a former boxing consultant for the Guinness World Records. The national TV quiz show Who Dares Wins also used questions by Ralph on two occasions. 28 b/w illustrations

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