Moon and Rue: Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy

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Author: Sian Radford

Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Yellow Kite

ISBN: 9781399727549

RRP: $49.99


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‘Weaning does not have to be complicated. A weaning diet is like any other: it has some rules, certain foods you should prioritise and other foods you’re better off avoiding. But once you’ve learnt those – and I will share everything you need to know in the first section of this book – you can create simple, wholesome, nutritious meals that give your baby everything they need in order to grow and develop.’ – Sian Radford

For many new parents, the weaning process can be daunting and overwhelming. Moon and Rue: Baby Led Weaning Made Easy celebrates the best of the journey, what you need to know, and the do’s and don’ts to get you started. In the hands of Sian, the mama behind Moon and Rue, you will learn what to expect and gain the all-important recipes that millions of Moon and Rue fans have come to love and use day in, day out.

From allergens, milk and nutrients to portion sizes, meal plans and lots of tips and tricks, this book will support you and your little ones on your journey from 0 to 18+ months

Recipes include porridge fingers, first fish and chips, cinnamon teething biscuits, spaghetti Bolognese, mango chicken curry, pancakes, brownies and more!

Sian is the voice, mama and recipe-maker behind TikTok’s @moonandrue. A first-time mum to her daughter, Rue, and long-time food enthusiast, Sian started documenting her daughter’s baby-led weaning journey in May 2022. Along with the highs and lows of Rue’s weaning, she shares tips, tricks, hacks & recipes to make the baby-led weaning journey less daunting for other parents. Previously, Sian was a primary and secondary school teacher.

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