Magical Fairy Homes and Gardens

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Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

ISBN: 9780764367458

RRP: $54.99


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Featuring the work of dozens of talented artists, this richly illustrated and redesigned sequel to Purchia and Rooney’s Fairy Homes & Gardens further spurs the imagination with images and stories of more than 50 new fairy dwellings. Fairies-those mythical sprites of folktales and daydreams-are an enduring source of fascination to humans. Designing, creating, and maintaining fairy dwellings and gardens has become popular as an artistic endeavor, family activity, or form of meditation. Published in 2014, Purchia and Rooney’s Fairy Homes & Gardens has transported thousands of readers to the magical realm of fairy gardening. In the ensuing years, fairy homes and gardens have become much more than a fleeting trend, establishing a perennial pastime for people of all ages. A treasure trove of ideas, this inspiring follow-up features: . images and stories of more than 50 new projects that encompass a wide variety of fairy dwellings-communities, cottages, houses, castles, chalets, and other serendipitous structures; . creations by more than two dozen of the most talented and innovative artists creating fairy environments; . a special chapter on fairy accessories, including furniture, doors, swings, and the other creature comforts fairies appreciate; . an appendix spotlighting plants that are ideal for incorporation into fairy gardens; and . a foreword that tells the story of Florence Griswold Museum’s wildly popular Wee Faerie Garden event. Appealing to fairy enthusiasts and nature lovers of all ages, this book provides bold inspiration to help readers embark on a creative and relaxing pursuit that takes them directly into the world of fairy magic. AUTHOR: Barbara Purchia and E. Ashley Rooney have written Fairy Homes & Gardens (2014), Glass Art: 112 Contemporary Glass Artists (2016), Contemporary Sand Sculpture (2018), and Contemporary Ice Sculpture (2018) together. As coauthors, they offer different perspectives: Barbara is a stained-glass artist, while Ashley specializes in contemporary art, design, and architecture and has authored over 70 books for Schiffer Publishing. 282 colour, 2 b/w images

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