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Author: Anna Smith

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Quercus

ISBN: 9781529428957

RRP: $24.99


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PI Billie Carlson takes on a thrilling new case in the next instalment of this gripping series. For fans of Martina Cole and Marnie Riches.

Life has changed for Private Investigator Billie Carlson. After years of chasing down every lead possible, she’s finally found her son, Lucas, and brought him safely home to Glasgow.

One afternoon, Billie gets a call from an unknown number. The man on the end of the phone refuses to tell her his name, but he explains that his brother, Omar, is being held in prison after stabbing two men outside a block of flats. He wants Billie to investigate what happened that night and find out any information that might help Omar.

Reluctantly, Billie takes on the case. But as she starts to untangle what happened that night, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched. With Lucas depending on her, Billie is determined to avoid any dangerous encounters. But trouble seems to have a way of tracking her down . . .

A riveting read. I really enjoyed it. Gritty, violent and very dark, it is a real page turner. I loved the character of Billie Carlson who has such an interesting back story. I can’t wait to find out more about her. Well plotted, with interesting characters – the bad guys are so bad I wanted to go after them myself! – Patricia Gibney on UNTIL I FIND YOU

Loved it! Billie Carlson, what a standout, don’t-mess-with-me character, a seeker of the truth while battling her own nightmares. The story had me hooked from start to finish. This Glasgow is gritty, raw, filled with people you would not want to meet down a dark alley. – Dreda Say Mitchell on UNTIL I FIND YOU

A great introduction to Billie Carlson, a heroine for our times, strong, fiercely independent, dogged and determined with an unwavering moral compass that causes her no end of problems. It’s a rattling good start to the series as well as a useful guide to the darker bits of Glasgow that you might want to give a wide berth to – Trevor Wood on UNTIL I FIND YOU

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