Internal Family Systems Informed EMDR Therapy

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Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Karnac Books

ISBN: 9781800131712

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An accessible guide to an integrated form of therapy combining Internal Family Systems (IFS) and eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR). It provides an overview of IFS and demonstrates the benefits of integrating IFS into EMDR therapy to treat clients with complex trauma and dissociation, incorporating a neuropsychological rationale. Contributors include Zandra Bamford, Bruce Hersey, and Annabel McGoldrick. This informative book examines a form of therapy for working with clients with complex trauma and dissociation which integrates two therapeutic modalities: Internal Family Systems (IFS) and eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR). It begins with a lucid overview of IFS and its steps and key principles. It then addresses how IFS can be integrated in all phases of the standard EMDR protocol in order to deliver EMDR within a safe systemic framework, while offering neuropsychological rationale for integrating the two therapies. An array of leading experts explore from an IFS perspective the various nuances of complex trauma, including dissociation, which may influence the process of EMDR and pose obstacles to the client and therapist. Through case transcripts and analysis of the therapist’s role when working with complex trauma clients, the book demonstrates how a basic understanding of IFS can be used by EMDR clinicians to repair attachment ruptures, increase reorganisation of internal states, and access the ‘Self’ as a powerhouse of healing. It is an absolute must-read for EMDR clinicians working with clients with complex trauma or dissociation. AUTHOR: Dr Millia Begum is a Consultant Psychiatrist (member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists) with twenty-two years of experience working with adult mental health and eighteen years-worth of expertise in EMDR therapy. Her focus is on complex PTSD and dissociative disorders. She is trained in Internal Family Systems and uses the IFS-informed EMDR therapy approach for working with all complexities of trauma. She is currently an EMDR facilitator, a supervisor, and a board member and trustee of the EMDR Association (United Kingdom).

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