Interiors Decorated by Nature

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Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Lannoo

ISBN: 9789401495547

RRP: $99.00


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Interiors Decorated by Nature is an exploration of how the natural world serves as a profound source of inspiration for interior design and decoration. It showcases stunning visuals of interiors that draw inspiration from nature. It delves into how natural elements – such as plants and flowers, colours and textures, patterns, and materials, and organic forms – influence and shape interior spaces. The book showcases examples of how designers and homeowners incorporate these natural influences into their interiors, creating spaces that evoke the serenity, beauty, and harmony of the outdoors. It celebrates the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and the wonders of nature, offering readers insights into how to infuse their living environments with the calming and rejuvenating essence of the natural world. High-quality photography accompanies the text, showcasing the visual impact of nature-inspired interiors and allowing readers to fully appreciate the design details. AUTHORS: Kurt G Stapelfeldt is a freelance journalist and works for MSN UK, South China Morning Post, Interior Design, Vogue Australia, De Tijd, ELLE Decoration, IDEAT. Helenio Barbetta is an Italian photographer. His work is published all over the world in Vogue Casa Italia, Vogue Living Australia, Vogue Brasil, The Telegraph, Architectural Digest (Italia, Germania, Spagna), Elle Decoration UK, Elle Décor Japan, Ideat, SELLING POINTS: . Bringing nature home . A wealth of creative ideas and interior design concepts inspired by nature . Nature-inspired interiors allow urban dwellers to bring the outdoors inside, even in limited spaces . Discover how natural elements can be seamlessly integrated into interiors 220 colour, 20 b/w illustrations

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