I’ll Just Be Five More Minutes

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Author: Emily Farris

Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hachette Books

ISBN: 9780306830310

RRP: $34.99


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A hilariously-honest, heart-warming essay collection about life, love, and discovering you have ADHD at age 35

Despite being a published writer with a family, a gaggle of internet fans, and (most shockingly) a mortgage, Emily Farris could never get her sh*t together. As she saw it, disorganization was one of her countless character flaws-that is until she was diagnosed with ADHD at age 35. Like many girls who go undiagnosed, Emily grew up internalizing criticisms about her impulsivity and lack of follow-through. She held onto that shame as she tried (and often failed) to fit into a world designed for neurotypical brains.

I’ll Just Be Five More Minutes is a personal essay collection of laugh-out-loud-funny, tear-jerking, and at times cringey true stories of Emily’s experiences as a neurodivergent woman. With the newfound knowledge of her ADHD, Emily candidly reexamines her complicated relationships (including one with a celebrity stalker), her money problems, the years she spent unknowingly self-medicating, and her hyperfixations (two words: decorative baskets).

A memoir-in-essays both entertaining and enlightening, I’ll Just Be Five More Minutes is for people with ADHD, as well as those who know and love them. This a powerful collection of deeply relatable, wide-ranging stories about a woman’s right to control her own body, about overwhelm and oversharing, about drinking too much and sleeping too little, and about being misunderstood by the people closest to you. At its heart, I’ll Just Be Five More Minutes is about not quite fitting in and not really understanding why-something we’ve all felt whether we’re neurodivergent or not.

Emily Farris is a writer and host of the Mother Mother podcast. In fifth grade, she won the DARE essay contest. Since then, she’s written for The Cut, Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Architectural Digest, ELLE Decor, BuzzFeed, Lifehacker, What’s Up Moms, Food52, The Daily Beast, and many more websites and publications you’ve actually heard of. Her first cookbook, Casserole Crazy was published in 2008, and she contributed to Charlotte Druckman’s Women on Food anthology (2021) and the The Bust DIY Guide to Life (2011). Emily lives in Kansas City, MO with her burly husband, two young sons, rowdy rescue mutt, and three backyard chickens. You can find her online at thatemilyfarris.com and follow her on all the socials @thatemilyfarris.

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