How to Ease Your Anxiety

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Author: Sophie Golding


Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Vie

ISBN: 9781837993796

RRP: $32.99


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Calm your mind, ease your worries and quieten your thoughts with this stunning guide to living an anxiety-free life

Life is full of beautiful, joyous experiences just waiting to be had. But when you struggle with anxiety, your brain can come up with all sorts of reasons not to do the things you love. By learning to ease anxious thinking and restore a sense of calm, you can start to live the life of your dreams in peace and serenity.

Through simple tips and kind advice, this book will show you how to tune out negative thinking and find mental tranquillity. Over the course of its chapters, you will learn to:

– Identify and avoid anxious thought patterns

– Treat your mind with kindness and embrace positive thinking

– Take good care of your mind, body and soul

– Adopt healthy coping strategies for a calmer future

By learning to overcome the mental obstacles anxiety throws your way, you can discover the many positives life has in store for you. So dive into these pages and give yourself the gift of a calmer mind.

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