Healthy Kids: Understand Relationships

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Author: Robyn Hardyman

Category: Children's , Teenage & educational

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9781445188669

RRP: $19.99


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Packed with feelings facts and healthy hints – find out why healthy kids choose to understand relationships!

This book explains the ups and downs of the relationships you have, and offers advice on navigating tricky emotions. No matter your family or friend situation, this book has something for everyone: from dealing with a family breakup or peer pressure, to team dynamics and online relationships. And don’t forget about learning to make up after a falling out – it is also key to managing relationships!

The HEALTHY KIDS series encourages children aged 9-11 to make healthy lifestyle choices with knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives. Discover positive, practical and to-the-point advice on everything from puberty and fitness, to staying safe and keeping clean.

Books in the series:

Healthy Kids: Eat Healthy Food

Healthy Kids: Exercise Your Body

Healthy Kids: Keep Yourself Clean

Healthy Kids: Keep Yourself Safe

Healthy Kids: Understand Puberty

Healthy Kids: Understand Relationships

Robyn Hardyman (Author)

Robyn Hardyman is a highly experienced book author and editor. She has written a variety of titles for children and her subjects include outdoor adventure books, social sciences and literacy. Robyn is married with children and lives and works in Oxford.

Davide Ortu (Illustrator)

Davide is an Italian artist now living in Spain. He studied Art in Cagliari Arts Lyceum FOISO FOIS, Sardinia. In 2008 he moved to Madrid where he discovered the world of Children’s illustrations.

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