Healing Power of Sound: A Beginner’s Guide to Sound Therapy

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Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: David and Charles

ISBN: 9781446310601

RRP: $44.99


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Discover the magnificent power of sound in this beginner’s guide to sound healing. In The Healing Power of Sound, sound therapist, crystal healer and energy worker Janie Everett sets out to unpack the power that come with listening to the world and the universe as it vibrates through and all around us. Exploring the healing benefits of engaging with the vibrational frequencies that can soothe the soul, this introductory guide to using sound to heal the mind, body and spirit lays out in the easiest terms how to get the most from engaging more deeply with the sounds that punctuate our every waking moment. Informed by her work as a sound therapist and energy practitioner, Janie explores the ways we can work with sound and activate its healing powers, all while guiding readers through meditations and exercises that encourage them to fully explore the sense that they perhaps take most for granted. Including a gentle introduction to the science that underpins this mystical area, this accessible journey into the mysteries of the frequencies that resonate around us from the quartz in a wristwatch to the background hum of the big bang, The Healing Power of Sound will guide readers in how to harness the majesty of the universe to soothe their souls in trying times. AUTHOR: Janie Everett is a sound therapist, crystal expert, energy practitioner and astrology obsessive. On a very definite second act, she came to this work through life-defining personal experience, that continues to inform her learning every day. Her work can be seen online @_silenceandnoise_ and she is currently based in the UK. SELLING POINTS: . Introductory guide to a complex subject made accessible and engaging. . Captures the interest in alternative therapies and suggest exercises and practices to benefit from the power of sound. . Simple exercises to demonstrate the concepts and additional suggestions for ways to use the lessons from the book in everyday life.

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