Healing Power of Scent: A Beginner’s Guide to the Power of Essential Oils

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Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: David and Charles

ISBN: 9781446310595

RRP: $44.99


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In The Healing Power of Scent, aromatherapist and author Ellen Rowland dives deep into the most mysterious and ephemeral of the five senses scent and explores how we can use our own unique responses to the smells we find in the world around us for spiritual and emotional healing. Starting from a place of inquisitiveness, the science of scent is unpacked in accessible terms as its healing power is revealed through its molecular makeup. The practical application of scent comes next, with a series of exercises, recipes and prompts to help the reader develop their own scent diary and understanding of the scents that mean the most to them. The recipes include blends of oils for the reader to try, with instructions for other products to add scent to a create a life filled with a healing power that makes the reader feels safe and supported. The Healing Power of Scent explores the emotional aspects of scent and how it interplays with associations, and looks closely at how certain scents can actually have a physical impact on us, and how that impact can be harnessed for healing. Combined, these approaches result in a truly holistic approach to the healing power of scent. AUTHOR: Ellen Rowland is the founder of social enterprise AmberLuna Apothecary, where she holds an aromatherapy clinic and teaches regular aromatherapy workshops. She also runs regular workshops on aromatherapy, skincare, and herbs for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, as part of their community access programme, bringing this learning to those who would otherwise not have access. Ellen also runs an aromatherapy massage clinic in Bristol, and workshops for the public with various charitable and social enterprise partners. SELLING POINTS: . Accessible introduction to the production and usage of scent for emotional healing. . Explores the science behind scent and how our bodies react to it, with guidance and explanation from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. . Includes recipes for essential oil blends to make at home.

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