Happy Medium

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Author: Sarah Adler

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Quercus

ISBN: 9781529429220

RRP: $24.99


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‘Exactly the kind of rom com I love to read’ SOPHIE COUSENS

‘Stole my heart and ran away with it’ AMY LEA

‘Sizzling opposites-attract chemistry’ SARAH HOGLE

<h4>Fake medium. True love?</h4>

Fake spirit medium Gretchen Acorn may be a fraud, but she’s a benevolent one. So when her client asks her to help a friend who’s struggling to sell his apparently haunted goat farm, who’s Gretchen to say no?

It turns out said farmer isn’t quite as Gretchen imagined. Charlie Waybill is young, hot as hell, and extremely unconvinced by Gretchen. And things get even worse for Gretchen when she finds herself face to face with Everett: a very real, very chatty ghost.

Everett wants Gretchen to help save Charlie from the family curse that’s left him haunting Gilded Creek since the 1920s. Now Gretchen has one month to win over the sceptical farmer. And as they grow closer, Gretchen realises the only way to pull off the greatest con of her life might be to finally risk her heart.


‘A sparky, bright, hilarious road-trip rom com with a heroine who is 100% pure sunshine’ BETH O’LEARY

‘Heartfelt and hilarious in equal measure’ 5* READER REVIEW

‘Sarah Adler nails the ultimate rom-com alchemy’ CARLEY FORTUNE

‘Beautiful and charming and poignant’ 5* READER REVIEW

‘I laughed. I sobbed. I loved it!’ ASHLEY POSTON

‘Sarah Adler’s voice is hilarious and unique’ 5* READER REVIEW

Adler dazzles yet again with a voice that leaps and twirls off the very first page. Equal parts hilarious, whimsical, and utterly unique in the best way, Gretchen, Charlie, Everett (and the goats) stole my heart and ran away with it – Amy Lea

Hilarious! This is exactly the kind of rom com I love to read – the perfect alchemy of romance, humor and quirky originality. Gretchen is now one of my favorite heroines. This book is going to be huge – Sophie Cousens

It was a DELIGHT to watch morality-zigzagging Gretchen get herself into situations that – keep in mind that they would make anyone else sweat – excite her in a wily, hilarious way. She and Charlie have sizzling opposites-attract chemistry, and her interactions with the resident lovable himbo ghost are laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks to Adler’s signature sharp wit, I had such a good time with the two devils on Gretchen’s shoulders that I almost rooted for them to stick around – Sarah Hogle

A total delight from the first sentence to the last, Happy Medium delivers an utterly winning romance, not to mention a chatty ghost and baby goats in sweaters. Like her good-hearted conwoman heroine, Sarah Adler knows how to spin a story that’s exactly what her audience wants – and needs – to hear – Laura Hankin

Happy Medium is a sincere and sincerely funny romance populated by a higher-than-average number of goats and ghosts. I stayed up late to finish it, and fell asleep smiling – Alix E. Harrow

With voicey narration and whip-smart humor, Sarah Adler has concocted a delightfully original screwball romcom. This book had me at “fake medium helps a goat farmer with a ghost problem” – yes, please, and thank you – Megan Bannen

A funny and flirty tale of redemption, both in this life and the next. Somewhere between the sexy goat farmer, the spiritualist fraud, and the TV-addicted ghost from the roaring twenties, is a warmly addictive story of finding yourself and what you want in the most unexpected of places. Wrap yourself in your favorite sweater and enjoy this gem! – Sarah Goodman Confino

What an absolute delight. Happy Medium is quick, clever, and fantastically fresh. Sarah Adler just earned herself a spot on top of my auto buy list – B. K. Borrison

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