Feel It All

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Author: Casey Tanner

Category: Society & social sciences

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Orion Spring

ISBN: 9781398716292

RRP: $34.99


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A groundbreaking guide to sexuality that dispels the stale cultural attitudes about sex that leave too many feeling inadequate, and offers an expansive, attachment-based framework to free us and develop bolder, more satisfying relationships with our sexual selves.

When it comes to sex, most people feel insecure. But it’s not because we’re deficient; it’s because we’ve been under-resourced and miseducated.

Certified sex therapist Casey Tanner argues that our sex lives are a microcosm of every untruth we’ve internalized about gender, sex, relationships, our bodies, and ourselves. Most of us were taught that healthy sexuality is only for a certain kind of person, in a certain kind of relationship, with a certain kind of body. As a result, the way we’ve learned how to define “good sex” is reflective of how good, worthy, and loveable we see ourselves.

Feel It All is a comprehensive guide to help everyone uncover their personal misconceptions about sexuality and relationships. Tanner helps you recognize and assess your core beliefs surrounding relationships, sexuality, gender, and more; identify past trauma; find pathways to healing that work for you; and redefine sex based on knowledge and possibilities, rather than potential consequences.

Comprehensive yet accessible, informative, warm, and nonjudgmental, Feel It All provides a pathway for personal healing, creating stronger relationships, and achieving deeper intimacy.

Casey is a digital industry leader in the field of gender and sexual diversity, and has been featured in publications including Oprah Magazine, Self, InStyle, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vice, and more.

Casey works with leaders across industries to expand insight and influence around gender and sexuality, to help businesses better prepare to serve a more expansive generation of consumers.

Casey provides free sex and gender education through social media (@queersextherapy), with a following of nearly 400k.

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