Eternal Moment

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Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Hardback

Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek

ISBN: 9789058567062

RRP: $85.00


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Eternal Moment is testament to transient beauty. Within these pages, Kazuhiro Sugimoto seeks to immortalise the fleeting beauty of some of Earth’s most captivating flora capturing the flowers’ essence, their vivid colours and delicate blooms in all their glory before they fade away. Every petal and stem lovingly crafted and each design executed with care and in minute detail. As a Japanese flower designer, Sugimoto’s work incorporates the aesthetics and techniques of Japanese culture, emphasising the importance of space and simplicity. His designs are striking and dramatic, yet achieved with minimal materials. After a quarter of a century devoted to creating floral art, Kazuhiro Sugimoto for the first time compiled his most exquisite designs for the world to discover. Text in English and Japanese.

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