Death on the Thames

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Author: Alan Johnson

Category: Fiction & related items

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Wildfire

ISBN: 9781035403455

RRP: $34.99


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‘A cracking crime thriller’ The Sun


1999. A young Detective Constable Louise Mangan crosses the Thames one misty morning in pursuit of a killer. She finds a tranquil community on a leafy island close to Hampton Court Palace, but soon realises that all is not as it seems. There is something evil at play in this quiet suburb, and this junior detective’s questions seem only to scratch the surface.

Twenty years later, a horrific fire brings Detective Chief Superintendent Mangan back to that same island. Soon, she discovers that murder was just a drop in these dark waters.

The river runs deep, and the tide is rising at last. Will the truth rise with it?

Praise for Alan Johnson’s novels:

‘A punchy thriller’ Irish Independent

‘A fast-paced who-done-what’ SAGA Magazine

‘Featuring espionage, the Russian Mafia and a gorgeous female on a train with a deadly secret, the tantalising plot has set Alan up for dominance of the bestseller charts for years to come’ Fiona Phillips

‘Is there no limit to his talents? . . . I absolutely loved Alan’s new thriller, it’s brilliant’ Hunter Davies

‘Johnson’s writing style is easy, relaxed, self-deprecating . . . impressive’ Observer

‘Johnson writes wonderfully’ Telegraph

‘This boy can write . . .’ The Spectator

Clever Alan Johnson . . . [he] has invented a new genre, the cosy thriller . . . Richard Osman, here’s a bullet with your name on it. – The Times

A punchy thriller. – Irish Independent

More layers that a filo pastry. – The Sun

Fascinating and ingenious.

A smart, captivating, modern but timeless thriller.

A fast-moving plot, complex but all too credible, expertly told. The fact it comes from the pen of a former Home Secretary makes the rich security detail and the myriad relationships all the more powerful.

Is there no limit to his talents? Not content with being a top politician, and a very nice feller, he turns his hand to writing four memoirs, which win prizes and awards and sell bucketloads. God I was spitting with envy. Why didn’t he just stick to politics? I absolutely loved Alan’s new thriller, it’s brilliant.

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