Crochet Secrets From The Knotty Boss: Over 100 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Crochet

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Category: Lifestyle , Sport & leisure

Book Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: David and Charles

ISBN: 9781446313206

RRP: $47.99


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Boss your crochet with this guide to over 70 tips and tricks for better hooking. This collection is packed with 70 tips and tricks for ways to improve your crochet skills. The author covers everything from changing colour to joining granny squares, what the best methods are for blocking and the perfect finishing techniques. Covering all the most popular crochet techniques, this skill building book will help you to raise your crochet game at once. All of the techniques will have step-by-step instructions and photography so you can follow along every step of the way and not miss a trick. Author, Anna Leyzina, has a huge number of followers who love her Tuesday Tips feature on her social media platforms. This collection combines her Tuesday Tips and more in one handy-sized reference book – which is perfect for keeping in your project bag. This collection covers everything from how to select the right hook through to tips on how to get the correct yarn weight, picking the correct yarn, stitch marker hacks and tips for threading multiple threads through a yarn needle. The second chapter looks at basic skills like avoiding visible slip knots at the start of your work, working into back bumps, joining the foundation chain without twisting and an easy method for magic ring. Later chapters look at more advanced techniques such as keeping the magic ring on your finger while working the first round, invisible joins when working in different stitches and invisible increase and decrease methods. Other chapters include tips, tricks and hacks for working in rows and rounds including how to smooth side edges, how to prevent stitches from slanting and how to make the perfect circle rather than a hexagon. Amigurumi techniques are also included with hacks for invisible increase and decreases, adding eyes and other facial expressions and tips for lining and stuffing toys. There is also a chapter on working with colour which looks at how to get seamless colour changes and perfect stripes, and a chapter on granny squares with tips for how to prevent your squares from slanting and creating invisible seams. The final chapters look at cords and borders, tricky stitches and finishing off techniques making this the ultimate handy, pocket-sized reference guide for all your crochet projects. AUTHOR: Anna Leyzina is a crochet designer and a graphic designer. She has built a fantastic following on the back of her easy-to-follow tips for crocheters and now has over 250k followers on Instagram. SELLING POINTS: . There is very little content available about crochet tips so we can make a big impact on the market. . The author’s how-to video content gets great engagement on her feed with viewers marveling at her tips. . We’ve had success with our knitting tips and tricks book, and this could be the crochet equivalent.

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